Success Starts Right from the Start

Will your green roof or landscape project fulfill its promise to deliver environmental, economic and social benefits? As design lead, consultant or team player, Inhabitect gets your project off to a good start in the right direction.

  • Define goals and requirements, align expectations, establish communications, build collaboration
  • Assess the site, study the rooftop and landscape, identify and document key factors — roof or site slope, sun-shade patterns, associated micro-climates, wind conditions, and irrigation requirements
  • Perform stormwater retention calculations for green roofs
  • Conceptualize the plan and deliver project-specific details
  • Develop estimations and formulate the budget
  • Write, review, and revise specifications
  • Investigate options and select project-specific warranties
  • Compare, evaluate, recommend, and source required materials
  • Formulate and customize growing media for green roofs
  • Deliver a clear plan (including maintenance) with technical drawings and directives
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