Safeguard Your Green Roof and Landscape to Guarantee Success

Will your project thrive and provide trouble-free ownership? Your green roof and landscaping project are living systems. Inhabitect keeps them growing with a customized maintenance plans and unmatched attention to detail.

  • Appraise overall conditions and inspect all key individual components
  • Analyze stormwater retention performance and drainage
  • Test the growing media, including a microbiological assay
  • Amend the growing media, fertilize as needed with organic fertilizer where applicable
  • Test the water supply
  • Assess, adjust, and give directions for irrigation requirements
  • Evaluate plant health, repair and restore any under-performing sections
  • Remove dead vegetation, weeds and rooftop debris
  • Review and revise maintenance protocols —meet manufacture warranty requirements
  • Prepare and submit inspection reports, including photo documentation to the warranty holder and owner representative