Project Name: ELF Cafe

Location: Traverse City, MI

Completion date: Spring 2015

Green Roof Size: 50 sf

Permeable Paving: 800 sf (Manufactured by Porous Pave)

Inhabitect involvement: ELF (Eat-Learn-Frolick) Cafe was a unique space that gave children a place to eat, learn and frolic during every season of the year. Unfortunately it is no longer in operation but when it was it was a wonderfully inviting space. Inhabitect, LLC worked with the owners to design and build a children’s garden with a green roofed Hobbit House, 100% rubber permeable paving that acted as a safe playing surface, a drip irrigation system, as well as a great deal of “touch and feel” plant material throughout the garden.

Following the closure of ELF Cafe we worked with the buyer of the Hobbit House to transport it from Traverse City, MI to the greater Detroit Metro region. We didn’t lose a single plant in the process and now the new owners children have a very unique playhouse to enjoy.