Fundamental planning, design, installation and maintenance considerations are common to all green roofs and landscapes. Yet, each one is unique.

Your geographic location, micro-climate, key architectural features and structural elements of your building, the conditions on your rooftop or landscape, your goals and performance requirements, your budget, your expectations about maintenance Inhabitect adapts our services to your project. Based on our exceptional experience and technical expertise, we focus at each stage of the process on precisely what needs to be done to ensure that your project is designed and specified appropriately, installed correctly, and cared for properly.

Success Starts Right from the Start

Will your green roof or landscape fulfill your expectations? As design lead, consultant or team player, Inhabitect gets your project off to a good start in the right direction.

Get the Project You Planned

Will you get the project you planned — on schedule and on budget? Staying focused on efficiency at every step, Inhabitect maintains and manages communication and collaboration with the design team, nurseries, manufacturers and suppliers, contractors, and owners when necessary.

Safeguard Your Project to Guarantee Success

Will your green roof or landscape thrive and provide trouble-free ownership? Your project is a living system. Inhabitect keeps it growing by providing customized maintenance plans.