Inhabitect, LLC

Many different factors are critical to the success of every project. 

Some are predictable. Others are unexpected. Foreseeable or not, the critical success factors for every project have one thing in common: their resolution is unique to the requirements of each project and the site-specific conditions.

With our proven expertise, Inhabitect will identify, evaluate and manage all the factors critical to the success of your project. Designing, Building, Growing  Inhabitect is dedicated to your success.

We thrive on shaping the spaces and places you inhabit.

“Successful green roof and landscape installations require teamwork among different professionals with distinct perspectives and specialized skills. Any one project can require the contributions of architects, landscape architects, engineers, roofing contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and owners. Inhabitect brings everyone together. Communication, coordination and collaboration — that’s how we ensure that every project meets its expected environmental, economic and aesthetic potential.”


Nathan D. Griswold, ASLA, GRP
Founder and President
Inhabitect, LLC

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