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Community Initiatives in Northern Michigan

We Love Helping Our Community Grow

High-quality Landscape and Site Design provides outdoor spaces and places that enhance any development. This encourages community engagement while promoting health and well-being. In turn, this contributes to rich environmental, economic, and social benefits and opportunities. 

Inhabitect helps establish an identity by providing the community with resilient and ecologically mindful solutions, places that have a welcoming and naturalistic appearance. A project that addresses this community approach is the Kid’s Creek Rehabilitation Project, where Inhabitect worked closely with numerous non-profits, municipal organizations, and commercial retail clientele. The goal of this project is to improve the Kid’s Creek watershed, a major tributary to the Boardman River, which flows directly into West Grand Traverse Bay. 

Our team believes that working on projects like this not only improves the water quality of the creek but improves the entire community. Having access to clean and fresh waterways is the lifeblood of Northern Michigan; we are thrilled to be doing our part in ensuring this is available for generations to come. 

Community Outreach Projects

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