Inhabitect is a full-service firm devoted to designing, building and growing all forms of living architecture. From green roofs to ground-level landscaping, our expertise and creativity takes landscaping to another level. Our comprehensive services encompass all aspects of every stage of the process — initial planning, project design and budgeting, materials and plant selection, procurement and installation, as well as establishment and maintenance.

We can offer advice and guidance on green roof and landscape planning and create complete designs, ready for construction.

We provide on-site supervision and hands-on installation, we are focused on getting it done right the first time.

We can develop project-specific maintenance guidelines and programs and maintain your green roof and landscape for you.

We can support your success with all-inclusive project management — from concept to completion to ongoing stewardship, we ensure our clients expectations are met.

When it comes to green roofs and other forms of living architecture, Inhabitect brings you proven expertise from an environmental and eco-sensitive mindset.

What is a green roof?

A green roof, also known as a vegetated roof, garden roof, living roof, or eco-roof, is a multi-layered roof system that is installed above a watertight man-made structure.



Our Small Structures are constructed with top-quality building materials and provide the opportunity to own an environmentally-friendly and functional structure with a living rooftop. These attractive structures are a unique addition to any residential, commercial or public space. Have an idea not shown here? We offer custom design and build services to meet your needs. For more information contact



Team Elmers | North Michigan Concrete Asphalt Excavation Crane & Rigging
Inhabitect is thrilled with this video created by Team Elmers | North Michigan Concrete Asphalt Excavation Crane & Rigging! This gives a glimpse into the work that we do everyday.
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Let's Go Up On The Roof. We were on scene to lift specialized soil & rocks onto the Uptown Riverfront & Cityside Townhomes rooftops in Downtown TC (Official). Learn all about the "ever-growing" need for green roofs from Nathan Griswold of Inhabitect, LLC, a leader in the field. Pretty Cool! #GreenRoofSystems #UpOnTheRoof

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Andy CreathI want a force-field!2 days ago   ·  1
Lillian MahaneyThe very best way to save energy, keep pollutants from the watershed and have an incredibly beautiful outdoor space. As a bonus Nate and his crew are incredible and the nicest people ever. The same with the Elmer's gang!1 day ago   ·  1
Jeff SalonThat's great Nate! Nice work!16 hours ago   ·  1
Richard K. SuttonGreat work, Nate.2 days ago   ·  1
Bob HendrikxVery cool!2 days ago   ·  1

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Success Starts Right from the Start
Will your green roof fulfill its promise to deliver environmental, economic and social benefits? As design lead, consultant or team player, Inhabitect gets your project off to a good start in the right direction.


Get the Green Roof You Planned
Will you get the green roof you planned — on schedule and on budget? Staying focused on efficiency at every step, Inhabitect maintains and manages communication and collaboration with the design team, manufacturers and suppliers, contractors, and owners if necessary.


Safeguard Your Green Roof to Guarantee Success
Will your green roof thrive and provide trouble-free ownership? Your green roof is a living system. Inhabitect keeps it growing with a customized maintenance plan.