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A One-Stop Shop With a Three-Step Approach

Design. Build. Grow.

We’ve got a vast understanding of the built environment (both residential and commercial) and decades of experience in all things landscaping. We put the two together — along with our ‘bigger picture’ outlook — to be there for the full life cycle of your project, managing things from concept to completion.

Depending on your unique project, we’re comfortable stepping in at any point along the way to create the lasting natural spaces you’re looking for — on time, on budget, and with less headache.

With the experience and expertise you deserve, we’ve got you covered.

our process: step one - designing

Step One: Designing

Too often, a designer has never built the landscape systems or bid out the components they put onto paper. Trends, material selections, and design styles can easily overtake function and cost, with maintenance and sustainability often overlooked. At Inhabitect, we do things differently. We know how things are built and function and understand the logistics of material sourcing. We’ve learned what it takes to install what is designed and the labor needed. And for every project we design, we consider the environmental, social, and economic impacts that come with it.

1. Initial Project Conceptualization

2. Design & Detailing

3. Planning & Budgeting

4. Performance Analysis

5. Material & Plant Selection


our process: step one - building

Step Two: Building

It’s important for the transition between design, bidding, and buildout to be seamless. Our Inhabitect construction and installation crews are closely aligned with our design team. Commonly, your designer is the same person who is your project’s cost estimator and who you’ll find on-site acting as your primary project manager and the main point of contact. 

This systematic approach helps ensure that the end product meets the project’s overall design goals and, most importantly, your expectations. Improved communication and efficient collaboration are made possible by blurring the lines between designing and building.

1. Site Planning & Logistics

2. Permitting & Scheduling

3. Procurement & Installation

Step Three: Growing

One of the most important, and often overlooked, aspects of any landscape design is plant establishment and maintenance — after everything has been installed. While you may be able to reduce your overall costs through minimized maintenance, we always encourage considering this stage to ensure the success of your investment.

We believe your final satisfaction hinges on the horticultural success of your project, so we’ve included it into our service offerings as a vital part of the ‘landscape story.’

1. Plant Establishment & Maintenance Planning

2. Project Turn-Over

3. Post-Construction Communication

a women and man planting for inhabitect

We’re serious about keeping you protected.

We believe safety and liability protection are things you shouldn’t have to worry about.

Different from many landscapers and roofers, we carry general and professional liability insurance and are fully bondable to protect you, your property, and your investment with us. While our prices may sometimes be higher than that of other companies, they reflect the added measures we’ve taken to bring you the peace of mind you’re looking for. We’re proud to provide certificates of coverage to every customer for every project.

Safety is also a priority for us and our collaborators. Workers’ Compensation covers our entire team; key crew members hold OSHA certifications. We also have OSHA rigging, hoisting, and telehandler certificates. Every Inhabitect driver holds a chauffeur’s license, with CDL drivers also on staff. We’ve written safety and training manuals for our employees, including specialty safety guidelines for working around hazards like silica dust and heavy machinery.

Let’s Talk

At Inhabitect, we’re committed to sharing our knowledge of green stormwater infrastructure and ecological landscaping with our clients, collaborators, and community. We’d love to discuss your ideas and how we can help.
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