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Protecting your shoreline — the eco-friendly way.

Michigan’s water levels have recently been at all-time highs and many property owners have faced the possibility of damage to their waterfront homes, office buildings, and roadways. In many cases these risks have been mitigated using costly hard armoring practices and other ecologically destructive measures.

At Inhabitect, we do things differently when dealing with the forces of Mother Nature. We couple eco-friendly components and plant materials together in a bioengineered system that provides a natural, vegetated buffer between your commercial or residential property and its neighboring body of water.

As Certified Natural Shoreline Professionals with a growing portfolio, we provide a solution much closer to what nature intended, while not compromising your vision for the property. Our installations look great, are low impact, and can be used for: ponds, inland lakes, the Great Lakes coastline, as well as the banks along rivers, streams, or tributaries.

Natural Shoreline Benefits

Habitat Creation

By using less invasive techniques and materials — and doing it in a way that more closely mimics what’s found in nature — there’s minimal disruption during construction to the natural ecosystem of a shoreline and its surrounding area. This supports the habitats of animals (fish, amphibian, and terrestrial), while also providing an added opportunity for pollination and upland habitat.
Duck Lake Residence


The use of cement, steel, wood, and foreign stone (not typically found in local waterways) is unsightly and unnatural. And while permitting agencies approve of their use, these materials are often placed into some of the most sensitive segments of our ecosystem. In most project conditions, it’s possible instead to use natural, soft armoring and bioengineering practices for shoreline protection and restoration.
Lime Lake Residence

Restores areas of degradation

Natural shorelines can help restore areas that have been degraded by human activities (e.g. shoreline & riverbank clear cutting, foot traffic along steep slopes, other destabilization of these critical barriers). If previous land stewardship practices have resulted in unplanned or undesired consequences, this form of restoration is the perfect fit.

Lime Lake Residence


Also called ‘soft armoring,’ our natural shoreline projects reintroduce deep-rooted native plants to create a system that mimics naturally stable shorelines. We solve shoreline erosion in a way that supports the neighboring waterway’s ecosystem while also protecting its waterfront property.

Lime Lake Residence


Natural and bioengineered shorelines are designed to withstand the erosive forces found along waterways of all types. Through a combination of materials and installation techniques, natural shorelines provide a resilient solution, not available in more traditional, hard armoring methods.

Duck Lake Residence

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