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A living, green wall is an unforgettable sight. These vertical, vegetated surfaces can be installed indoors or out, free standing as visual screens or fixed to a wall. However the application, they’re highly customizable and a popular choice for designers and owners/developers alike.

There are many green wall solutions available and we can help you select the proper system for your project. While they’re beautiful on their own, green walls can also be incorporated into your GSI project, providing an important part of stormwater and microclimate management. 

Green Wall Benefits

Stormwater Management

As they’re visible to more visitors, green walls provide one of the most scenic stops along the stormwater treatment train. In outdoor applications, they can be designed to slow down the rate of runoff coming from a building’s roof, reducing the amount of stormwater that continues downstream.

Decreased Ambient Temperature

Green walls offer increased evaporative cooling surface area on the vertical plane. Through evapotranspiration, the urban heat island effect is minimized and a resulting cooling effect can be enjoyed. This ‘force field’ of cooling on the walls reduces the amount of heat being absorbed by the building.

Improved Productivity & Well-Being

Plants provide people with a sense of calm and focus. Green walls are common installations in busy settings where productivity is needed.

Increased Fire Resistance

Since the physiology of most vegetation depends on its high percentage of water, most plant material is naturally fire resistant. A green wall introduces this hydrated vegetation vertically against a structure, adding a protective ‘skin’ to a building.

Better Air Quality

In nature, different plants provide different micro and macro habitats for a variety of wildlife. These bustling ecosystems mean greater CO2 consumption, which means cleaner air for you and your community. Green walls introduce vegetation in both interior and exterior environments, where standard wall surfaces are typically void of oxygen-producing plant material.

Decreased Noise

When installed indoors, a green wall’s leaf cover insulates the building from sound waves and acts as a natural — and beautiful — sound-baffling tool.

Building Value & Marketability

A green wall adds beauty to any indoor or outdoor setting. Though they can be costly to install, building owners usually see an increase in the value of their property and are able to use these living, breathing, conversation pieces as marketable amenities.

Extended Wall Life​

When installed outdoors, a green wall provides a natural buffer to the effect of the elements on a building’s exterior walls. The technology offers protection from damaging UV light and other physical destruction.

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Green walls not only provide lush beauty to any vertical space, but they can also act as an important part of a Stormwater Treatment Train in outdoor settings. Click to schedule a time to talk with us about your green wall project or questions.