Kids Creek Restoration

Project Status: In Progress

 The Kids Creek Riparian Restoration & Stormwater Wetland Enhancement Project continues The Watershed Center’s Kids Creek Restoration Project.  The main goal of their work is to implement streamside conservation practices to improve water quality and reduce stormwater, sediment, and nutrient inputs to Kids Creek, an impaired stream in the Grand Traverse Bay Watershed.

Active Project Details

The project area is in a degraded wetland almost entirely comprised of invasive species and devoid of a natural riparian buffer following historic farming activities and development. In 2022, the project area underwent treatments for invasive species removal.

Project Highlights

Restoration activities include over 216,000 sq ft. (5 acres) of riparian buffer installation and an acre of constructed stormwater wetland in a highly degraded area of the Kids Creek watershed. Riparian restoration plans include re-establishing a buffer consisting of native trees and woody shrubs along the main branch of Kids Creek and 2 tributaries experiencing large amounts of impervious surface runoff. A one-acre constructed stormwater wetland will also be installed in the riparian area near the main branch of Kids Creek and one of its small tributaries to intercept stormwater runoff from the north end of the Meijer parking lot.


Kids Creek Restoration

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