Cherry Capital Foods

Traverse City, MI

Solutions Provided

Green Roof icon - Inhabitect
  • Green Roof – An extensive green roof — covering roughly 50% of the total roof areas, across three different rooftops — was installed over a fully-adhered waterproofing membrane. There are also large pedestal paver areas that make this a fully accessible space.
Inhabitect Consulting
  • Consulting – The use of GSI technologies helps to slow down and cool the runoff leaving these rooftops, improving the quality of the water moving through the landscape.

Project Description

“When Cherry Capital Foods purchased the old Glacier Dome, we knew we wanted to include a green roof, but a shortage of information and knowledgeable people to help in the process presented a problem. Nate’s (Inhabitect’s) expertise, professionalism, and tireless efforts turned that challenge into a simple decision. Green infrastructure investments speak positively to a community’s economic and environmental commitments and Nate articulates these values with a common sense passion that is inspiring.”

– Evan Smith, former CEO, Cherry Capital Foods

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