East Port Project

East Port, MI

Solutions Provided

Natural-Shorelines Icon - Inhabitect
  • Natural Shoreline – Bioengineering techniques provide the owner with a natural shoreline that’s filled with native plant materials. The plants provide support and stability to the existing vegetated dune through their complex root systems.
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  • Ecological Landscape – All plant materials used are non-invasive, adapted, or native to Michigan, with a focus on creating habitat for pollinators, birds, and other wildlife. Measures are being taken to protect the sensitive ecosystem by slowing stormwater and infiltrating it where it falls. Our design solution allows for the homeowners to continue to enjoy the shade from the mature trees that were being threatened by the rising water levels in Lake Michigan.
Inhabitect Consulting
  • Design & Consulting – Inhabitect worked closely with the homeowners to ensure their expectations were met and that their shoreline was protected from the rising water levels in Lake Michigan. They were dedicated to using natural techniques to accomplish their goals and were happy they could avoid the hardened shoreline and rip rap protection others contractors had suggested.

Project Description

Situated on the North Eastern shore of East Grand Traverse Bay, this project was our first high energy bioengineering project. It combines some of the traditional practices, used in lower energy situations, and our custom high energy practices.

The property is located on a stretch of shoreline that is constantly hit by waves, wind, and ice movement. The existing tree line and vegetated dune was being threatened. The owner called Inhabitect because they wanted to ensure that all erosion issues would be eliminated and the trees preserved.

The project used 100% native plants that were installed throughout the shoreline and vegetated dune area. We worked closely with the owner to ensure our plant selections met their aesthetic goals and communicated with EGLE about our high energy solutions.