Shinola Hotel

Detroit, MI

Solutions Provided

Green Roof icon - Inhabitect
  • Green Roof – There are not dedicated green roofs on this project but there are many planters. These planters were installed over the pedestal pavers installed by Inhabitect. These pavers were on numerous levels and varied in size.
Inhabitect Consulting
  • Design & Consulting – Inhabitect worked closely with the roofer and general contractor on this project to ensure that all expectations were met. We helped trouble shoot the best way to install the products selected for the project.

Project Description

Inhabitect specializes in designing, building, and growing unique living spaces, both on rooftops and on the ground. We are always thrilled to assist in turning traditional, inaccessible rooftops into thoughtfully-curated, usable spaces. We highly recommend checking out the craftsmanship that went into building the Shinola Hotel next time you’re in Detroit!

Birds-eye view of the Birdy Room terrace and other images are courtesy of Kraemer Design Group.