Breakwater Apartments

Traverse City, MI

Solutions Provided

  • GSI – Green stormwater infrastructure manages a portion of the annual rainwater hitting the northern rooftop, parking lot, and landscape on this project.
Green Roof icon - Inhabitect
  • Green Roof – An extensive green roof — covering roughly 50% of the northernmost roof area — is installed over a single-ply roofing membrane.
Green Streets icon - Inhabitect
  • Green Streets – Incorporating resilient stormwater management measures (green roof, stormwater planters, rain garden) allows for this site to meet our green street designation.
Rain Garden icon - Inhabitect
  • Rain Garden – A rain garden is used to capture runoff from the non-green and green roof areas, as well as overflow from the stormwater planters, parking lot, and landscape.
Inhabitect Consulting
  • Consulting – Inhabitect worked with the architects, owner, and general contractor to ensure project success.

Project Description

Located along the Boardman River, and a block away from West Grand Traverse Bay, this is one of the larger mixed-use residential projects to be built in recent years — filling a housing gap in the greater Traverse City region.

The project uses various GSI measures that work in tandem to reduce the impact of this site on the surround waterways. It has a 600 square foot extensive green roof, a handful of pre-cast stormwater planters, and a sizeable rain garden. Each of these GSI elements help to slow and cool down stormwater before it enters the Boardman River and Lake Michigan. While this landscape was not designed by Inhabitect, it included enough GSI to make it the perfect fit. While the vegetation is not fully native, we reviewed the plant list to ensure everything was adapted and non-invasive.