Eastport Residence

Eastport, MI

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Project Description

This property is nestled on a private roadway, away from the hustle and bustle, on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. Inhabitect was selected to assist the owners with a full site restoration and re-vegetation following the site clearing and excavation that was required to construct the home itself.

This site is naturally wet, with seasonal flows of standing water toward Lake Michigan. There was a need to protect the driveway and portions of the home from the process of erosion from the wetter portions of the property, so we used our knowledge of how water systems work and flow to design long lasting solutions. The design is also built around moving water toward the existing natural stormwater management feature of the site: the wetlands.

We took great care in slowing down and cooling down runoff as it approached these features and utilized plant materials that not only look nice but also have high transpiration rates. All plants installed were non-invasive, adapted, or native to Michigan.

One of our favorite features of the site is a custom bench, mounted to massive limestone boulders that rest near the firepit area. The owners have confirmed this bench is a favorite of their visitors and is frequently discussed while enjoying the Lake Michigan views from their new patio.