Cottageview Drive

Traverse City, MI

Solutions Provided

  • GSI – The use of GSI technologies helps to slow down and cool the runoff leaving the adjacent parking lot, roadway, and rooftops. It helps to improve the quality of the water moving through this landscape.
Rain Garden icon - Inhabitect
  • Rain Garden –The rain garden was designed to manage very large volumes of water and was planted with non-invasive and native plant species. These plants were specifically selected for their ability to live in the soil conditions and moisture ranges that are typical of a rain garden.
Ecological Landscaping Icon - Inhabitect
  • Ecological Landscaping –By utilizing plant species that are non-invasive and/or native this project is providing opportunities for habitat for native insects, birds and other creatures that are desired in micro-climate and region.

Project Description

This site slows down and cools stormwater before it flows in Kid’s Creek and eventually the western arm of Grand Traverse Bay. This project is a part of a multi-year GSI project that is managed by the Watershed Center of Grand Traverse Bay,  with a strong focus to get Kid’s Creek off the impaired waterway list. Inhabitect has played a role in numerous pieces of the GSI puzzle that covers much of the Grand Traverse Commons and Munson Medical Center’s campus’s.

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