Yestermorrow (2016 Class Project)

Warren, VT

Solutions Provided

  • GSI – Understanding how water flows on a site is critical, every project, regardless of size requires stormwater to be managed. Green stormwater infrastructure manages almost all of the annual rainwater hitting the rooftop before it runs off towards nearby waterways.
Green Roof icon - Inhabitect
  • Green Roof – An extensive green roof was installed over a single-ply waterproofing membrane. Inhabitect assisted by teaching this class about green roof installation and related best management practices.
Ecological Landscaping Icon - Inhabitect
  • Ecological Landscape – This project was unique because it was a retrofit and replacement of an older green roof to better fit mainstream technology. The students selected a combination of Vermont natives and locally harvested vegetation. They also choose to add decomposing wood material and stones to provide homes for insects and other smaller creatures. Create micro-habitats is a one way to mimic the natural ecosystem surrounding a project.

Project Description

Yestermorrow Design/Build School teaches over 100 hands-on workshops a year in design, construction, woodworking, and architectural craft and offers a variety of courses concentrating in sustainable design. Inhabitect’s President, Nathan Griswold, co-teaches a Green Roof Design and Installation a handful of time  over the last 8-years.