Duck Lake Residence

Grawn, MI

Solutions Provided

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Ecological Landscape This estate sized property boasts a dense woodland, with a meandering, fast flowing, stream that spills into Duck Lake. All plant materials used are non-invasive, adapted or native to Michigan with a focus on creating habitat for pollinators, birds and other wildlife. Measures are being taken to protect the sensitive ecosystem throughout by slowing stormwater and infiltrating it where it falls 

Inhabitect Consulting

Consulting Inhabitect continues to work with the project owners to design a welcoming landscape that blends their desire to create inviting “outdoor rooms” as well as beauty. The approach is purely design-build and Inhabitect is actively working with the owners during the construction process, to ensure the landscape is meeting their personal vision, leaving room for evolution to the end result.   

Project Description

This project is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION and will be completed in 2022. Situated on a 5-acre lot in Grand Traverse County, this property has over 300 feet of frontage on Duck Lake and boasts a fast-moving stream that winds through the woodland into the lake. Inhabitect was hired to provide an assessment of the entire estate as well as deliver a conceptual design.

We started the first phase of this installation in late 2021 and will be installing native, adapted, and non-invasive plant material in early 2022. Our first phase included earthwork and the installation of several large limestone retaining walls, flagstone pathways, and large perimeter plantings (to screen neighboring properties).

The remaining phases of the project will include an update to the entrance with upgraded lighting, an automatic gate, numerous outcroppings, walls & pathways, multiple ‘outdoor rooms,’ an upgraded beach area, lighting and irrigation throughout, as well as fun extras including a beachside tiki bar and firepit area. 100% of the plant materials will be non-invasive, adapted, or native to Michigan. Great care is being taken to protect the natural features of the site during construction. The entire site is being designed to be low maintenance.