Elk Lake Project

Kewadin, MI

Solutions Provided

Natural-Shorelines Icon - Inhabitect
  • Natural Shoreline – Bioengineering techniques provide the owner with a natural shoreline that’s filled with native plant materials. The diversity of these plants provide support to pollinators and other creatures living within the land and drop-off zone that creates natural habitats.
Ecological Landscaping Icon - Inhabitect
  • Ecological Landscape – This estate-sized property boasts dense woodland, with a fast-flowing stream that spills into Duck Lake. All plant materials used are non-invasive, adapted, or native to Michigan, with a focus on creating habitat for pollinators, birds, and other wildlife. Measures are being taken to protect the sensitive ecosystem by slowing stormwater and infiltrating it where it falls.
Inhabitect Consulting
  • Consulting – Inhabitect continues to work with the project owners to design a welcoming landscape that blends their desire to create inviting outdoor rooms with beauty. The approach is purely Design/Build and we are actively working with the owners during the construction process, to ensure the landscape is meeting their personal vision, leaving room for evolution toward the end result.

Project Description

Situated on Elk Lake, this project is one of our first bioengineering projects. It is located on a stretch of shoreline that is pounded by the waves from boat traffic, ice movement and during periods of high winds. The owner called Inhabitect because they wanted to ensure that all erosion issues would be eliminated. Our natural shoreline solution did exactly that and more.

The project used 100% native plants that were installed within the water and throughout the shoreline. We worked closely with the owner to ensure our plant selections met their aesthetic goals.