Eyaawing Museum & Cultural Center

Peshawbestown, MI

Solutions Provided

Ecological Landscaping Icon - Inhabitect
  • Ecological Landscape – The plants used in this project are indigenous to this region and all play a significant role in the history of the region’s Native peoples. Each plant was selected for its ability to be used as food, medicine, or during traditional ceremonies.
Inhabitect Consulting
  • Consulting – Inhabitect worked with tribal leaders, project team members, and the designer to ensure we understood the project and its significance to the tribal members, as well as assuring the project was successful during the installation phase.

Project Description

The Eyaawing (pronounced a-yah-wing) Museum & Cultural Center, located in Peshawbestown, Michigan, was created by the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians to establish and maintain a record of the history of the Grand Traverse Band of Anishinaabek. This space shows a great respect for the circle of life, honors tribal families, and tells a story of true heritage. It was built to promote the Tribe’s belief that culture, language, and spirit of the Grand Traverse Band shall be recognized, perpetuated, communicated supported, and shared with the people of all nations.

Inhabitect is honored to have been selected to plant this sacred garden at the museum. This space was designed by a tribal member and includes a long list of rare indigenous plants intended to be used as food, medicine, and within ceremonies. This includes herbs, nuts, berries, grasses, flowers, and many other useful plants. These sacred elements will be used to educate its visitors for generations.