Glen Lake/Fisher Lake Residence

Glen Lake, MI

Solutions Provided

Natural-Shorelines Icon - Inhabitect
  • Natural Shoreline – Bioengineering techniques provide the owner with a natural shoreline that’s filled with native plant materials. The diversity of these plants provide support to pollinators and other creatures living within the land/shallow water habitats along this unique parcel.
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  • Ecological Landscape – We chose plants that are native to this region and ones that will not overrun adjacent wetlands or properties. Each plant was selected for its ability to work harmoniously with the surrounding landscape and to provide the owner with an aesthetic they desired.
Inhabitect Consulting
  • Consulting – Inhabitect worked with the project owner to ensure the solutions we presented did not conflict with the careful stewardship they have given this parcel of land. Blending this with the stringent requirements of state level agencies was another challenge that required our experience and tenacity.

Project Description

Situated on one of the most beautiful parcels in Northern Michigan, along a channel that connects Glen Lake and Fisher Lake, this is one of our most favorite shoreline projects to date. It is not only stunning, but it has been under the same ownership for decades and its ecological uniqueness is in good hands.

The customer first contacted Inhabitect because they had been battling a 50+ year old, failing seawall along their channel, as well as experiencing significant loss of their “spit” of land and beachfront due to wave action and erosion. Working within the parameters of the lake association, as well as state and township level governing bodies, a site plan was developed in-house and all necessary permits were pulled. This included a permit to replace the wooden seawall and a plan to protect their natural shoreline with sound bioengineering practices.

The bioengineering portion of the project used 100% native plants that were installed within the water and throughout the varying microclimates and growth zones on this unique parcel of land. We worked closely with the owner, a trained Master Gardener, to ensure our plant selections met their aesthetic goals.