Frankfort Bluff

Frankfort, MI

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Project Description

This project is located on a steep bluff just north of Frankfort, MI. Our client’s family has owned a cottage on this bluff for generations and the edge of this bluff has been creeping towards their home for decades. In recent years, this concerning issues has rapidly increased and Inhabitect was hired to gather site information and to provide recommendations to revegate the slope and reduce the pace of erosion.

This site was very difficult to access, but we LOVE challenges and jumped at the chance to work on this project. The jobsite is over a quarter mile from the nearest parking location and the only way to access it was by hiking down the Lake Michigan shoreline!

Our design and consulting team started by investigating and mapping out possible material staging areas, construction methods recommended for this type of conditions, and overall explored the feasibility of completing work on a steep and isolated dune. From this we provided the client with a number of recommendations that were customized to their specific site conditions.

Once the solutions were reviewed and budgets were approved our team performed a number of the suggested solutions, many of them requiring on-site engineering and refinement of original conceptual designs. Our team tied off with climbing gear in some instances and in others had to raft materials from the parking lot to our worksite.

Our work, coupled with others implemented by the owners, have proven to be successful after 18+ months of being installed.